See More Gardens This Summer

A group enjoys one of the many environmentally friendly gardens on the Beyond Flowers Tour


Many readers attend Open Gardens and take part in garden tours of both the City of Buffalo and the suburbs. I would like to share with you another opportunity for you to experience gardens of a different sort.

The first is called Beyond Flowers Tour. This tour showcases environmentally friendly gardens within the City of Buffalo. For example, the Massachusetts Avenue Project urban farm covers about an acre of reclaimed land in a neighborhood on Buffalo’s West Side. Here young people work to grow, market, and distribute organically grown produce. I love the farm’s aquaponics system where tilapia and plants grow in a system that feeds both.

The Broadway Market Rooftop Garden is made of individual gardeners’ plots in raised beds, all different, and all beautiful. The P.U.S.H. 14th Street Gardens offers residents, notably immigrants and refugees from farming regions across the globe, the opportunity to grow their own food and flowers.

Wilkeson Pointe is exquisitely beautiful. The Pointe juts out into Lake Erie close to the mouth of the Niagara River. You can see Downtown Buffalo from there, the Skyway, wind turbines, and more.

The Mutual Riverfront Park was totally new to me! There you can see a cluster of grain elevators, rain gardens filled with flowers, a kayak launch and people kayaking, and a walking path made of sandstone from the same place.

At the Urban Habitat Project at the Central Terminal, plantings of native species to attract pollinators and wildlife species such as dragonflies, butterflies, and songbirds. There is even a cattail marsh, a sight we don’t see often today.

The second tour is called East Side Momentum. This tour showcases often ignored projects that are usually overlooked in this area of the City of Buffalo. This includes the Stevens family-operated Wilson Street Urban Farm, which covers two acres. This farm is a model of urban homesteading.

The Tu Hieu Buddhist Cultural Center consists of a Vietnamese Buddhist temple and gardens. The building is the site of the old Buffalo Police Eighth Precinct and was purchased from the City of Buffalo for one dollar in 1998.

The Pelion Garden Community Garden across from City Honors School is on the border of the historic Fruit Belt and Cold Spring neighborhoods. Today, the Pelion Community Garden is a thriving outdoor learning space that engages students with hands-on opportunities to learn about plants, nutrition, science, and sustainable living.

The Farmer Pirates (the cooperative name) Compost Site smells wonderful. The cooperative operates a central composting facility in addition to compost pickup. The purpose is to make compost readily available at reasonable cost to urban farmers.

None Like You/We Care will introduce you to Elizabeth Triggs, its founder. The organization was started in 1992 to help members of her community get the resources they needed. There are gardens throughout the East Side, including the Willie Canty Garden Walk at 595 Sycamore, a gazebo on Sycamore, gardens at Paderewski and Memorial Drive, and several at the George K. Arthur Community Center on Genesee Street.

If you are interested in either or both of this extraordinary tours please go to to register. I hope to see you on one of these excursions. Then send me an email! I love hearing from you: OR




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